Welcome to Starten Automation

The company was born in 2017. Initially, it was dedicated to the industrial sector of maintenance services; however, since 2021 it has begun to focus on industrial automation engineering, specializing in PLC's and robot programming in the automotive sector.

The STARTEN AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS team is highly qualified to face any project and offer the best technical tools to its programmers to achieve optimal results.

Together, we can achieve efficient results with the aim of reducing production time and costs.

Our core values

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Good automation and process controls are essential in a competitive world. PLC's reduce configuration time and simplify complex operations.


Our programmers are fully trained to ensure the success of the project, load configurations, optimize trajectories, minimize failures and improve cycle times according to the customer's standards.


We create new industries, incorporate cutting-edge technologies into existing manufacturing companies, carry out assemblies in plants and, finally, we install industrial equipment for any type of activity.


Our electrical engineers are highly qualified, with experience in the general industry sector and always using the right tools and technologies for each project.

We are international suppliers

We are experts in PLC'S and Robot programming in the automotive sector

Industrial Automation News

13 de febrero de 2024

Spain among the European countries with the greatest implementation of industrial robots

European industrial robots are on the rise: in 2022 there were 72,000 units installed in the 27 member states of the European Union (EU), which corresponds […]