About us

The STARTEN AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS team, made up of experienced professionals in a wide variety of fields, dedicates every day with great commitment to offering digital expertise in different industries around the world.

Furthermore, not only do we have technical knowledge and experience in the industrial sector, but every day we overcome new technical challenges, creating an innovative work atmosphere in which responsibility, commitment and skills are valued.

In STARTEN AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS we not only value quality, but also a positive and family work environment. Employees have found optimal conditions here to fully contribute their talent and constantly develop and implement new ideas.

STARTEN AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS is an international supplier of qualified programmers. We coordinate our team in less than 48 hours to travel anywhere in the world with the aim of providing the appropriate tools and the most technologically advanced solutions for the advancement of the industry quickly and efficiently.

Our main costumers are located mostly in Europe; however, we have costumers anywhere in the world, including China, USA, Canada, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia.

Another of the main objectives is to create a solid relationship between the brand and the client to ensure the continuity of our collaborations.

We are international suppliers

We are experts in PLC's and robot programming in the automotive sector