PLC Programming

Good automation and process controls are esential in a competitive world. PLC's reduce configuration time and simplify complex operations.

Specialized in:

  • SIEMENS – (Tiaportal & step7)
  • ALLEN BRADLEY – (studio 5000 & RSlogicX5000)
  • OMRON – (CX programmer & hydrawork)

PLC programming processes:

  1. Offline: The documentation and planning will be prepared in advance by our programmers to be loaded and installed later in the lines, minimizing code errors, which will be corrected through Virtual commissioning.
  2. Interface programming process: To monitor the status of the machinery and intervene, if necessary, a simple and intuitive system will be provided to the operator.
  3. Virtual Commissioning: To test, verify and validate automation control systems we use a digital model of the equipment, controller code and automation plant.
  4. Start up on the line: Our programmers will carry out the necessary tests from the beginning, during development and until reaching the client and receiving their acceptance.
  5. How we carry out production control: We use specific programs to be able to manage the production process easily and effectively from a single monitor.

PLC's reduce configuration time and simplify complex operations